Trump ripped by conservative for moving on from being a mere 'snake-oil salesman' to 'peddling death' to his followers

According to Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Kathleen Parker, Donald Trump was once known as a "snake-oil salesman" conning the masses for his own enrichment but has now turned to actually "peddling death" if it means he can get re-elected.

In a brutal column for the Washington Post, the conservative columnist who has already been critical of the president, admitted that she was stunned by the president's proposal to use household disinfectants to treat coronavirus patients when even a schoolchild knows they are deadly.

"The darkly tongue-in-cheek Darwin Awards periodically disabuse us of the notion that nobody’s stupid enough to, say, consider injecting themselves with disinfectant to cure covid-19. That is, no one except, perhaps, Donald Trump," she began.

 Quoting the president from his Thursday news conference saying “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because, you see, it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So, it’d be interesting to check that,” Parker went to work on the president's comments.

"I wouldn’t doubt that a few 6-year-olds entertained the same thoughts as Trump, but it’s safe to assume that no one who routinely cleans houses is going to try out the president’s 'interesting' idea. In a related matter, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning Friday against non-hospital uses of hydroxychloroquine as a covid-19 treatment, which Trump has also touted, saying the drug can lead to death," she wrote before suggesting the president should be willing to try his proposed cure on himself first and then let us know how it worked out.

"Of course, he’d first have to willingly expose himself to infection, as he seems to think other Americans should by encouraging governors to reopen their states. Or, rather than take the risky path of injecting bleach, he might just take a warm bath in the stuff," she wrote. "I’m kidding, of course. But guess who wasn’t? The president of the United States."

"Trump, heretofore a mere snake-oil salesman, was suddenly peddling death to the credulous. He obviously doesn’t intend for anyone to drink bleach, but should he need reminding, more than 50,000 Americans have died of the virus. The living need to be told how to avoid getting sick, not some quackery from a reality-TV-star-cum-president," he continued before adding, "Trump was basing his scientificky daydreams on 'emerging results' at the Department of Homeland Security that suggest the coronavirus may not thrive in warmer, more humid environments. Even though his chief immunologist, Anthony S. Fauci, has cast doubt on such speculative findings, Trump’s unstable genius would not be thwarted."

Parker continued," As the national death toll continues to climb, we can be certain that enough people will die without the help of Trump’s bad policy and worse advice," before suggesting, "or his idiotic remarks, he should be widely condemned not just by his political foes but by everyone who cares about the nation’s health — and I don’t just mean its infection rates. Darwin is taking names."

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