Trump ripped by Joe Scarborough: Allowing the president to remain in office will only make the COVID-19 crisis worse
Joe Scarborough and President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

In an extensive op-ed for the Washington Post, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough predicted a long slog before the end of the coronavirus pandemic so long as Donald Trump is allowed to remain on the Oval Office.

According to the "Morning Joe" host, under the headline "The cost of Trump’s deadly state of denial," the president "... has been stumbling through a year of magical thinking. The consequences of this deadly state of denial have been catastrophic for pandemic victims and the U.S. economy."

Detailing four months of bumbling and lies from the president that has contributed to the death of over 53,000 U.S. citizens, with more likely to come, the former GOP lawmaker noted the recently discontinued daily press conferences, writing, "As the former reality TV host trotted out these baseless remedies and delusional denials at his afternoon news conferences, 53,000 Americans died from a disease that did not go away miraculously in April. Instead, as former vice president Joe Biden predicted in January, Trump left America ill-prepared for the coming pandemic. Trump and Fox News’s Sean Hannity were still claiming in March that the press was overblowing a crisis that Hannity declared was being used to 'bludgeon Trump again with this new hoax.'"

Feeling generous, the MSNBC host didn't put all the blame on the president, writing, "These deaths do not rest solely on the president’s shoulders, of course. China’s communist regime bears much of the responsibility for refusing to warn the world of the horrors unfolding in its country. But even this raises the question of why Trump was praising China’s communist regime in late January."

"While the president’s supporters frantically search for errant predictions among Democrats or members of the press, their efforts are undercut by Trump himself, who insists on proving every night just how ill-suited he is for his job," he continued. "Any hope that Trump can somehow rise to this once-in-a-lifetime challenge with even a modicum of competence would be the same sort of magical thinking that has plagued this country since the outbreak of this terrible disease."

"Four months of delusional decisions coming from the White House have not produced a miracle cure," he added before concluding, "Instead, the country is more vulnerable than ever to a deadly pandemic and a debilitating financial collapse. As long as Donald Trump remains in the White House, the crisis that stalks our land will only get worse."

You can read the whole piece here.