President Donald Trump on Wednesday threw Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp under the bus and said that he was opposed to the governor's plan to reopen his state's economy this week.

Now CNN's Jim Acosta is reporting that Trump only decided to turn on Kemp after members of the president's pandemic response task force told him that there was no way they could publicly support what the Trump-loving Georgia governor had done.

"At a meeting just prior to Wednesday’s briefing, task force members were discussing likelihood that some doctors on the panel would be asked by reporters about Kemp’s controversial move to open up many businesses in Georgia, like nail salons and bowling alleys," Acosta reports. "During the meeting, Doctor Anthony Fauci and others on the task force noted there would be a glaring inconsistency if the scientists were not in agreement with Trump on the Georgia issue during the press conference."

Acosta's sources also say that the task force members successfully convinced Trump to change his mind about Kemp's reopening plan, as the president had apparently earlier expressed private support for the measures.