Trump White House wants to shield employers from lawsuits if they make employees sick by forcing them back to work
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President Donald Trump wants to see Americans sent back to work as quickly as possible -- but he apparently also doesn't want those workers to sue their employers if they happen to get sick from COVID-19 while doing so.

The Washington Post reports that The Trump White House has "explored support for a liability waiver that would clear businesses of legal responsibility from employees who contract the coronavirus on the job."

The White House is now also weighing whether to extend this liability shield to individual employees as well, so that they couldn't be sued for making customers and coworkers sick if they show up to work with the disease.

However, shielding employers who force employees back to work during the coronavirus pandemic from lawsuits would require an act of Congress, and the Post reports that "its fate among Democrats is unclear."

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Monday said that he wanted to see businesses such as bowling alleys and gyms to reopen by the end of the week, but many small business owners are balking at the relaxed guidelines and saying that they don't feel comfortable reopening yet with the pandemic still raging.