Trump’s new ‘liberate’ meltdown appears to have been provoked by a Fox News segment
Donald Trump (AFP:File : MANDEL NGAN)

A series of tweets fired off by President Trump this morning has some of his critics alarmed, considering how they bolster growing protest movements targeting Democratic governors for enacting lockdown orders to battle the coronavirus epidemic.

One of the states targeted in Trump's tweets was Minnesota. According to Media Matters' Matthew Gertz, that particular attack seems to have been inspired by a recent Fox News segment.

"Minutes after a Fox News segment on a protest against social distancing measures outside the Minnesota governor's office, by conservative 'Liberate Minnesota' group, Trump tweets 'LIBERATE MINNESOTA!'" Gertz tweeted, showing a screenshot from the Fox News segment coupled with Trump's tweet.

Gertz added that the Fox News segment and Trump's tweet were only two minutes apart.