US Navy called a 'disgrace' for dismissing captain after letter begging for help for sick crew went public
Capt. Brett Crozier (Photos: US Navy)

The captain of the nuclear aircraft carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt begged for help while the coronavirus quickly spread among his crew. While Capt. Brett Crozier may have been on track to be an Admiral, he's now been relieved of command.

It prompted outrage online as people demanded he be reinstated. Many noted that the captain only received help after the letter was released to the public. Amid the chaos of the crisis, the White House, Pentagon and Trump government has been caught flat-footed as they scramble to make up for lost time.

The White House is pushing back against criticism saying that they founded the coronavirus task force at the end of January. It begs the question then why the task force didn't work on the shortage of ventilators and personal protective equipment then or why they didn't usher in a shutdown then.

Some noted that Capt. Crozier was trying to save lives, where Eddie Gallagher, who was convicted of war crimes, was pardoned by the president.

You can see the outrage about Capt. Crozier below: