US officials don’t know if Kim Jong Un is dead or alive — and are unsure about the line of succession: report
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been in power since 2011 (AFP Photo/)

U.S. officials are in the dark as to who is in control of North Korea -- and its nuclear weapons.

On Monday evening, CNN reported on "grave" reports about Kim Jong Un's health.

Anna Fifield, The Washington Post Beijing bureau chief and author of the biography The Great Successor, explained that the North Korea leader has been in poor health.

Jennifer Jacobs, senior White House reporter for Bloomberg News, expanded on the reporting on Monday evening.

"Trump admin received information that Kim Jong Un had heart surgery last week and if he's alive, his health is poor, I'm told. KJU hasn't been seen at key events in recent days," she reported.

"It's unclear to US officials if he's dead or alive," she noted.

The line of succession is also unclear.