WATCH: Profanity-spewing police captain approaches nanny and her ‘coronavirus kids’ to berate them over social distancing

In a video posted online by Nashville Scene and first reported by Scoop: Nashville on Sunday, Metro Nashville Police Department Captain Jason Reinbold can be seen stepping out of his house and cursing at a nanny and her family for stopping near his property while on a bike ride.

As Nashville Scene reports, "He appears angry that they've been sitting on the path near his backyard for some time. He invokes 'social distancing' even as he walks closer to them, motioning for them to move along."

That led to the following exchange after Reinbold reportedly called the women with the children a "fat-ass."

"This is the most bizarre thing that I've ever seen," the cop stated, to which the unidentified woman replied, "You know what, I don't need to hear you talk at all, actually — you're really ignorant."

After Reinbold shot back, "Then leave! You're right on the edge of my property," and the woman refused, the police officer replied, "Children, you wanna stay and listen to me f*cking cuss all day?"

In the audio, you can hear a child reply, "Stop saying curse words!"

According to the report, the Metro Nashville Police Department is aware of the video and reviewing his behavior.

You can watch the video below: