'You’ve lost your mind': Internet rips Trump for boasting COVID-19 pandemic is headed towards a 'Miracle end'
US President Donald Trump holds a press conference on COVID-19 in the Rose Garden of the White House on March 13, 2020. AFP / SAUL LOEB

Deprived of his daily press conferences where he battled with reporters for asking him tough questions, Donald Trump has retreated once again to his Twitter feed to boast and brag and attack.

Saturday morning, on the day after the death toll of the coronavirus pandemic broke 50,000, the president boasted that it is headed towards a "Miracle end."

According to the president, "The Do Nothing Democrats are spending much of their money on Fake Ads. I never said that the CoronaVirus is a 'Hoax', I said that the Democrats, and the way they lied about it, are a Hoax. Also, it did start with 'one person from China', and then grew, & will be a 'Miracle' end!

With the health crisis still shutting down the country, many Twitter commenters took issue with the preside t spiking the ball while people are still dying.

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