Arrest warrants issued for white lacrosse players who confronted a black man on his doorstep after cops initially let them go

An incident that occurred on Mother's Day and was caught on video has touched off a debate about white privilege, according to's Dan Whisenhunt.

On May 10th, two young white men approached the porch of a black resident in a Georgia neighborhood and began knocking on his door, apparently because the resident made comments on Facebook accusing the white men of having “interactions with prostitutes,” according to the police report. The men then told the resident to come outside and discuss the issue "like a man."

Now, members of the Oakhurst community are wondering if the men would have been arrested if they were black instead of white.

"In the video, one of the young men, a black-haired Decatur lacrosse player named Elliot Baca, 18, banged on the door. His friend, a blond-haired lacrosse player named Will Garstka, 17, looked on from the street," Whisenhunt writes. "Decaturish is naming both men because arrest warrants have been issued for them in connection with the incident. A warrant was issued for Baca on the charge of simple assault and a warrant was issued for Garstka for the offense of being a party to Baca’s alleged crime, according to a Police Department spokesperson."

The resident, who's only identified as Elliott, has not been charged in any crime.

But on the day of the incident, when police arrived they didn’t arrest Baca and Garstka. They instead issued them a warning for criminal trespass.

According to police spokesperson Sgt. John Bender said on May 11, it's "common practice for officers to issue criminal trespass warnings to persons on residential/business property when the property owner/representative wants someone to leave and not return."