Bill Barr blasts social media’s ‘bait and switch’ and ‘censorship’ as Trump suggests he’d shut down Twitter
(Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals)

Attorney General Bill Barr Thursday afternoon blasted tech giants and social media companies for engaging in a "bait and switch" and "censorship" as President Donald Trump signed his anti-social media executive order. The executive order comes just days after Twitter appended a "get the facts" label on two of the President's tweets. Those tweets were part of his ongoing voter suppression campaign and were mostly if not totally false.

The executive order is likely to come under tremendous scrutiny and may see a lawsuit, as the President even suggested.

"I have so much influence over Twitter," Trump declared, saying, "if Twitter were not honorable I think you shut it down as far as I'm concerned."

Trump said he would consult with attorneys before taking such action, but he also said hem was contemplating setting up another social media platform.

Twitter is a private company and the President does not have the power to shut it down.

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