Bill Barr acting ‘strangely confident’ that Trump will win re-election: Ex-FBI special agent
Bill Barr (Brendan Smialowski:AFP)

Attorney General William Barr is acting "strangely confident" that President Donald Trump will win re-election despite a deadly coronavirus that's claimed tens of thousands of lives and destroyed millions of jobs, according to a former FBI special agent.

The attorney general waved away concerns that his Justice Department had improperly dropped charges against former national security adviser Mike Flynn, saying "history is written by the winners" -- which stands out as a red flag to former FBI investigator Asha Rangappa.

"He seems to be strangely confident that he'll be on the winning side," she wrote. "Why would that be?"

Barr refused to answer last May during congressional testimony when asked whether presidential candidates were offered assistance from a foreign government, before finally saying perhaps, but only if the offer came from a "foreign intelligence service."

Rangappa points to the investigations he's created into the origins of the Russia probe in an effort to justify his claim that special counsel investigation had no basis, since his own inspector general wouldn't do so, and he's lied about the findings from that probe.

"He's attempted to undo two cases which have already made their way to the sentencing stage of the federal courts -- Stone and Flynn -- as well as the case against Putin's Troll Farm, so that what Mueller did find about Russia won't have an 'official' stamp on it," Rangappa wrote.

The attorney general, in essence, has asserted that working with agents of a foreign power to interfere in a U.S. election should not be investigated and punished, Rangappa wrote.

"Barr believes he'll be on the winning side because he is creating a space where Trump can get foreign election assistance (voluntarily or involuntarily given); the FBI can't investigate him or others for it and DOJ can't charge anyone who helps," Rangappa wrote, "people who witness it and try to blow the whistle get buried; Congress (and therefore voters) remain in the dark; and allies who might step up to raise the alarm will have their intel leaked and sources blown."

"That's why he's so confident," she added.