'Disastrous mistake': Ex-DOJ prosecutor rakes Bill Barr over the coals for letting Flynn off the hook
Bill Barr during his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

Jonathan Kravis, who spent ten years working as a prosecutor for the Department of Justice, has penned a scathing editorial that rakes Attorney General Bill Barr over the coals for dropping charges against former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

Kravis, who also resigned in protest earlier this year after Barr intervened to lower the sentencing guidelines for longtime Trump ally Roger Stone, writes in the Washington Post that Barr has made a "disastrous mistake" by compromising the DOJ's neutrality to intervene in cases involving the president's henchmen.

"Last week, the department again put political patronage ahead of its commitment to the rule of law, filing a motion to dismiss the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn -- notwithstanding Flynn’s sworn guilty plea and a ruling by the court that the plea was sound," he writes. "I am convinced that the department’s conduct in the Stone and Flynn cases will do lasting damage to the institution."

Kravis then shreds Barr for only giving special treatment to the president's allies and not others who have been caught up in America's criminal justice system.

"If the department truly acted because of good-faith commitments to legal positions, then where is the evidence of those commitments in other cases that do not involve friends of the president?" he asks. "Where are the narcotics cases in which the department has filed a sentencing memorandum overruling career prosecutors? Where are the other false-statements cases dismissed after a guilty plea?"

Read the whole editorial here.