Doctor fighting fraud charge cites Donald Trump in his defense of doling out COVID-19 drug
Donald Trump with COVID-19 Test.(Mandel Ngan:AFP)

As President Donald Trump promoted the drug hydroxychloroquine, one California doctor took his recommendations to the bank.

According to the San Diego Tribune, Dr. Jennings Staley is being charged in what appears to be the first case involving the drug. The FBI is charging Staley with mail fraud as part of an effort hailing hydroxychloroquine as a "miracle cure" and the "magic bullet" to an undercover agent posing as a patient, court documents say.

"The San Diego prosecution comes as President Donald Trump publicly acknowledges that he's been taking the medication as a preventative measure, and after the federal government has stockpiled the drug for reasons that include emergency treatment of COVID-19," reported the Tribune.

Medical studies investigating the drug's impact showed that it was more harmful than helpful to those suffering from coronavirus.

Federal authorities say that it's part of a nationwide scam promising quick cures to desperate people.

"The case is just one amid a growing workload of coronavirus-related fraud investigations being handled by the FBI nationwide — from fake medical supplies to cyber schemes to fraudulent business loans to fake cures," said the report.

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