Does working at home for coronavirus change how my out-of-state job is taxed?
Coronavirus. Business woman working from home wearing protective mask. Business woman in quarantine for coronavirus wearing protective mask. Working from home. Cleaning her hands with sanitizer gel.

Q. I live in N.J. and I work for a company based in New York City. My office closed because of the coronavirus and now I work at home. How does this impact the reporting of my 2020 taxes for N.J. and N.Y.? Is the income earned while working remotely from my home considered as earned only in New Jersey and is it taxed as such, or is my total pay considered New York income?— EmployedA. Yours is a great question and the implications could affect so many people during the shutdown.Under Section 132.18(a) of the New York tax code, any employee who works in New York but lives out-of-statemust pay Ne...

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