A 'coronavirus truther' is the star of a new Fox News documentary special

Alex Berenson, the one-time New York Times reporter who has made a name for himself questioning the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, now is featured in a documentary on the subscription-based Fox Nation, according to the Daily Beast. The publication described him as a "coronavirus truther."

The documentary, titled COVID Contrarian, was published online on May 12, but there was no mention of the documentary's launch other than a write-up on the channel's website. The documentary is a "one-time deal" for Berenson and he will not be hosting any kind of permanent show.

Even as the death toll continued to rise and the outbreak continued to spread, Berenson characterized the news surrounding the virus to be a scheme to undermine President Trump. He also has argued that the lockdown orders meant to halt the spread of the virus was a severe overreaction and that children should be allowed to immediately return to school.

“They view Trump as having failed them and possibly costing them their lives,” Berenson said in the documentary. “And the anger was off the charts and the groupthink and the hysteria went off the charts.”

He also claimed in one video that the coronavirus isn’t all that lethal, pointing to the large number of deaths of the elderly while accusing the media of focusing too much on the “outlier cases” of younger people who have died.

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