George Conway unleashes on 'triggered' Trump for not caring that Americans are continuing to die of COVID-19
George Conway appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Republican co-founder of the Lincoln Project, George Conway, has been a target of President Donald Trump's ire over the past several days when the super PAC dropped an ad that has appeared on Fox News.

The ad, titled "Mourning in America," accuses Trump of a "failed presidency has left the nation weaker, sicker, and teetering on the verge of a new Great Depression." Trump responded with a series of tweets, attacking Conway, who is married to senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. The reason, he said, is because "Trump knows the truth."

Writing in an op-ed for the Washington Post, Conway noted that most presidents would be kept up at night if every 42 seconds an American died from COVID-19, as they did in the month of April.

"Not Donald Trump," he wrote on Wednesday. "Just days ago, the president flipped out at a detailed New York Times article that described how he watches television at all hours, obsessed about how he’s covered in the news. As though to prove the story’s thesis, Trump rage-tweeted that it was a 'phony story' and that the media would say 'Anything to demean!'”

Conway isn't arguing that Trump doesn't care enough about the 73,000-plus Americans died of the coronavirus, he's alleging that he doesn't care at all.

Trump went off this week, calling Conway and his colleagues at the Lincoln Project "LOSERS," "loser types," "crazed" and "a disgrace to Honest Abe."

“I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been really bad,” Trump tweeted, singling out Conway.

"It may strike you as deranged that a sitting president facing a pandemic has busied himself attacking journalists, political opponents, television news hosts and late-night comedians — even deriding a former president who merely called for empathy and unity in response to the virus," wrote Conway. "It may strike you as nuts that Trump bragged about his supposed Facebook ranking in the middle of a virus task-force briefing, asserted that millions would have died were it not for him, boasted that 'the Ratings of my News Conferences etc.' were driving 'the Lamestream Media . . . CRAZY,' and floated bogus miracle cures, including suggesting that scientists consider injecting humans with household disinfectants such as Clorox."

He noted that tens of thousands of medical health professionals have been sounding the alarm about the president's fitness for office for the last year.

"Now, it’s more obvious than ever," said Conway. "Trump’s narcissism deadens any ability he might otherwise have had to carry out the duties of a president in the manner the Constitution requires. He’s so self-obsessed, he can only act for himself, not for the nation. It’s why he was impeached, and why he should have been removed from office."

When Trump goes off in such a rage, it's because he "fears the truth," said Conway.

"He fears being revealed for what he truly is," he continued. "Extreme narcissists exaggerate their achievements and talents, and so Trump has spent his life building up a false image of himself — not just for others, but for himself, to protect his deeply fragile ego."

Trump can't stop himself from lying, like "sociopaths do," he cons others and "deludes himself," said Conway.

Things are different this time around, he explained, because the economy is in the tank, Americans are out of work and it is estimated that more than 100,000 Americans will be dead from COVID-19 before Independence Day.

"Now it all matters, painfully and concretely. Trump’s lying, his self-regard, his self-soothing, his lack of empathy, his narcissistic rage, his contempt for norms, rules, laws, facts and simple truths — have all come home to roost. Now he sees his poll numbers fall accordingly, and lashes out with ever-increasing anger. For deep in his psyche he knows the truth. Because he fears being revealed as a fake or deranged, he’ll call others fake or deranged. Because he fears losing, he’ll call them losers instead," Conway closed. "And while Trump’s mind roils in rage, too many Americans are losing their lives. That’s the losing that matters, to everyone but him."

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