GOP pressuring Trump behind the scenes to compromise on getting rid of coronavirus benefits: report
Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan)

President Donald Trump has made it clear he doesn't want the extended $600-a-week coronavirus unemployment benefits to continue, believing that they are a disincentive to returning to work — even though some people have very good reasons for not working in a pandemic, and even though people are already ineligible for the benefits if they voluntarily refuse their employers' order to return to work.

But on Wednesday, Jeffrey Stein of The Washington Post reported that some Republicans on Capitol Hill believe eliminating the benefit altogether would be politically disastrous in a crashing economy — and are working on compromise proposals they could try to sell to him.

One suggestion, according to Stein, is reportedly to convert ten weeks of unemployment benefits into a $6,000 lump sum — which, they hope, would do less to disincentivize work in the later weeks.