HBO's Bill Maher levels ex-cop Derek Chauvin as a symbol of the type of failures who are drawn to policing

In the latest edition of HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher came down hard on former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin -- recently indicted for the death of George Floyd -- saying he is part of a breed of losers who become cops so they can bully people.

Addressing the death of Floyd after the police officer knelt on his neck, Maher explained that it was “a replay of the Eric Garner incident,” that left another Black man dead.

“It’s amazing to me that the police are still doing this when they’re on camera, when there’s a crowd filming them because we’ve been in this ‘we’ve caught bad cops on tape’ era now for almost a decade,” he stated. "You think they’d go, oh shit, there’s a crowd with a camera. What is it with the cops that they’re still doing this? Is it the training?”

In the matter of Chauvin, Maher continued, "Is it not more about the attitude? I feel like with the police -- and I know most police are good even though we have a lot of bad videos — I’ve certainly known cops, personally known them, and they are not bad people, they are very good people, and it is a very difficult job—but it does seem like we attract the wrong type sometimes."

"You know, the one who is going to make up for high school," he added. "This guy seemed to have done this just because the crowd said ‘stop doing it,’ and he said ‘I’m not going to. I’m in charge.’ It’s always about recognizing my authority. The essence to me, of the police problem is: bad attitude.”

You can watch below: