Here's how Pompeo tried to fast-track Saudi arms deal that caused IG alarm: report
Mike Pompeo Freedomworks New Fair Deal Rally in Upper Senate Park outside the US Capitol, Washington DC on April 15 2013. (Mark Taylor/Flickr)

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered his aides to come up with a justification for an emergency order expediting a controversial Saudi arms deal.

"Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered officials in the State Department to find a justification for the emergency authorization he had already decided to invoke to speed up an $8 billion arms deal with several Middle Eastern nations and conceal it from scrutiny, CNN reports," wrote Blake Montgomery.

"The May 2019 authorization was a problem in search of a solution, as department personnel had to assume that the secretary would make the emergency authorization and then devise a reason he was allowed to do so," continued the report. "Arms deals without emergency authorization require 30 days for congressional review and may not go through."