'I will knock you out!' Man goes on rampage in store after workers ask him to put on a mask or leave

A man in a 99 Cents Only store in San Antonio went on an angry rampage this week when employees at the store asked him to put on a mask or leave.

Local news station KSAT reports that the man was caught on video profanely yelling at employees, while even getting into a shoving match with a customer who was filming him on his phone.

At the start of the video, the man is seen yelling at employees and telling them that he doesn't need to wear a mask because Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told him they weren't necessary.

The man then became enraged when he saw someone taking a video of him on their phone.

"Are you filming me?!" he shouted. "I will knock your ass out, man!"

He then tried to rip the phone away from the person filming him and shoved him away.

"Don't record me!" he screamed.

Watch the video below.