Joe Biden rips ‘outrageous’ lockdown protesters: ‘It is wrong’
Composite image of the Rev. Al Sharpton and former Vice President Joe Biden (screengrab)

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted the armed protesters in Michigan who took over the state capitol to protest shutdown orders by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

"They're armed and I'm told one or two of them had Nazi flags or Confederate flags -- I don't know which it was, I can't swear to that, I didn't see it," Biden told the Rev. Al Sharpton in an interview that was broadcast on Saturday.

Biden said it was "outrageous."

"Such an attempt to intimidate is just beyond the pale and the president should be speaking out and say it's totally inappropriate to ... intimidate a governor who is doing one heck of a job. She's listening to the scientists, she's listening to the docs, she's listening to the experts and that's her judgment and it should be sustained and not have a bunch of people coming in, in numbers, with loaded weapons sitting in the hallways of the legislative body."

"It's wrong," he added.