Kayleigh McEnany has already broken her promise to never lie to America: CNN's Daniel Dale

On Friday, at her first ever briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a promise to never lie to the American people.

On CNN, fact-checker Daniel Dale immediately pointed out two false claims in her briefing.

"There was a significant misstatement — I'll put it gently because it is her first briefing — from Kayleigh McEnany about one of these state matters," said Dale. "She was asked about the president's tweet this morning in which he expressed support for Michigan protesters — he didn't say who among the protesters, but some were militia members, and was asked who he was talking about, the people that stormed the state building and she said the president was referencing generally you have a first amendment right to protest. that is not what he said. This is not a general expression of the right to protest, this is support for the protesters."

"I think we should also point out that Kayleigh McEnany significantly misquoted the FBI notes regarding Michael Flynn," continued Dale. "She quoted the note saying 'we need to get him to lie.' In fact, the note said, what is our goal, either truth/admission, or get him to lie. and so, it's fair to raise questions about the 'get him to lie part' but it didn't say, quote, 'we need to get him to lie' and that is what she said it said."

Watch below: