Law enforcement worried attacks on retail employees who enforce masks will 'escalate': CNN
Coronavirus Masks (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

On Friday, CNN reporter Brian Todd said law enforcement is fearful that the recent string of assaults and killings of workers trying to enforce public health guidelines on wearing masks will only get worse.

"Tension, confrontation, and violence seem to be escalated in recent weeks as businesses open up and customers brush back on the rules requiring face masks," said Todd. "Some people have said they have a right not to wear one and many people have been confused because so many jurisdictions have different ordinances about masks. But health experts are unequivocal about why they're important."

"Law enforcement analysts are worried tonight that as more businesses and public spaces reopen, that the confrontations over wearing face masks will only escalate, stretching the resources not only of law enforcement but also of businesses, which may have to hire extra security now," said Todd.

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