Legal experts praise surprise hiring of Beth Wilkinson by Flynn judge: 'Game on'
Ousted national security adviser Mike Flynn (

On Saturday, The Washington Post reported that the federal judge in the Mike Flynn case has hired powerhouse DC lawyer Beth Wilkinson.

"Wilkinson has long been in the spotlight in Washington legal circles and beyond as a successful defense-side trial lawyer advocating for major U.S. companies," reported Saturday.

"She has frequently taken on high-profile assignments. In 2018, she was hired by Brett Kavanaugh, then a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, to help shepherd him through confirmation proceedings at which he had been accused of a decades-old sexual misconduct allegation. Kavanaugh, who denied the claim, was confirmed to the high court," the publication noted. "More recently, Wilkinson was retained by Summer Zervos in a suit in New York state court that accuses Trump of lying in his denials that he did not grope and kiss her without consent in 2007. The case is pending. In the D.C. Circuit now, Wilkinson is counsel to Cheryl Mills, a former aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a dispute over a deposition in a public-records case."

Wilkinson is married to CNN political analyst David Gregory, who previously hosted "Meet the Press" for NBC News.

Here is what some legal experts were saying about U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan hiring Wilkinson.