Louisiana cop hugs sobbing protester afraid for their life: 'We're all right here with you'

A Shreveport, Louisiana police officer was captured on video holding a sobbing protester scared for their life.

Americans took to the streets to protest the brutal death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and jogger Ahmaud Arbery shot to death by a group of white men. The young protester was one of the many heartbroken and scared of the police presence.

NBC News 6 reporter Jade Jackson tweeted that the protester "feared for their lives when the officer told them not to be on top of the courthouse statue."

"I feel your pain, ok?" the officer says. "We're all right here with you."

The officer then embraces the young protester.

Amid the horrific reactions from police around the country, there have been a few moments of grace and solidarity with officers taking a knee with protesters and fist-bumping protesters.

Watch the moment below: