Michael Moore warns liberals that Trump is trying to scare them away from voting using his 'guys with guns'
Michael Moore on MSNBC (screengrab)

Liberal activist Michael Moore is concerned that his fellow progressives are being scared off by President Donald Trump and his friends with guns.

Speaking to Bill Maher on Friday, Moore said that from the very beginning, Trump tried to scare people by encouraging his Second Amendment friends to prepare to fight back with their semiautomatic weapons if he loses the election. Now they're back.

"This time he's already got his gun guys. The guys with the guns. You saw this in Michigan," said Moore. "Showing up at the capitol for the last couple of weeks with their long arms and threatening everybody to the point where the governor, last Tuesday, just shut the legislature down. She was so afraid. I want to appeal to people to not be afraid of these guys with the guns. I went to high school with them. I know. They want to kill Bambi. That's their idea of a real fight. Them and a deer. If the deer were ever armed -- if it was a fair fight, these guys would never be in the woods."

He went on to say that all they're trying to do is scare liberals with their guns and these "liberate" protests.

"He's just trying to scare liberals because liberals get scared easy," said Moore. "Don't be scared. We are the majority. There are more of us than there are of them. The only way that they're going to pull it off is somehow he's able to cancel the election."

Moore said that not only is Trump trying to fight the election with his crusade against vote-by-mail, but he's also going after the U.S. Post Office for the same reason.

Watch the full conversation between Maher and Moore below: