Morning Joe taunts Trump over devastating new Fox News poll
Morning Joe taunts Trump over devastating new Fox News poll

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough taunted President Donald Trump over the latest Fox News poll showing him sinking against Joe Biden.

"Morning Joe" co-host host Mika Brzezinski showed that Biden was leading Trump 48-40 in the latest poll, with the former vice president up six points since last month and the current president down two points.

"There is a 27-point gender gap between the two, with Trump leading by seven points among men, while Biden is up 20 points among women," Brzezinski said. "Biden also has a 64-point lead among African American voters, and Trump trails Biden by 15 points among voters under 45 and by three among voters 45 and older. Biden is also up 17 points among voters 65 and older, a group the president won by seven points in 2016. Now, when voters were asked who would do a better job handling the economy, Trump narrowly leads Biden, 45 percent to 42 percent. Biden leads the president on the question of who would better handle relations with China, the coronavirus, health care and women's rights."

Scarborough said this poll, looked at alongside other recent surveys, showed an alarming trend line for the president's re-election chances.

"This is all very predictable," Scarborough said. "We've all been predicting it because Donald Trump has basically dismissed health care concerns of senior citizens with a lot of his pronouncements."

Trump's attacks on the Affordable Care Act and mishandling of the coronavirus have turned seniors against him, and Scarborough said that might be an insurmountable obstacle.

Donald Trump is talking about abolishing the Affordable Care Act, he has nothing to replace it," Scarborough said. "Health care, especially in the age of a pandemic, is so important. Biden wins easily in poll after poll after poll on health care. So you add up health care, coronavirus and seniors, man, it's a pretty big hill for Donald Trump to climb, even though we're only in May."

Polls also show the president losing badly among suburban moms and higher-educated voters, two groups he'll need to win swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

"I don't see Donald Trump winning Pennsylvania this year," Scarborough said. "I just don't see it happening. Save the tape, I could be wrong. Michigan, many people think that Michigan, in Trump's own campaign, they fear it is close to being gone. He goes there yesterday, he can't do anything straight. He doesn't wear a mask, all right."

"Yeah, the guys riding around with, you know, AR-15s think he is really cool," he added. "All the suburban, like, women, higher-educated people that voted Republican before break, that hurts there. Then you look at the seniors -- Florida and Arizona, those states are so much -- trending so much better for Biden than they should be at this point because of 65 and olders. Up north, Pennsylvania and Michigan. In the sunbelt, Florida and Arizona -- again, only May. It's not like this guy is getting better by the day, he keeps getting worse politically."

Scarborough said the president's re-election strategy seems focused on his hardcore base -- his supporters who share Facebook conspiracy theories and carry rifles to lockdown protests.

"Those are the people, though, that Donald Trump is going for, the 10 percent, the 12 percent, the guys with A-15s that go into the Michigan state legislature," Scarborough said. "He is proud that those people are carrying Trump signs, they're attacking and insulting law enforcement officers, screaming in their face. It's disgusting, but Donald Trump is looking at those people and focusing on them for some really bizarre reason."

"When he does it, what's he doing?" Scarborough added. "He's turning off so many voters that said, 'What do I have to lose,' in 2016. They listened to Donald Trump. He may be right, what do I have to learn? Now, every day during this pandemic, Donald Trump has shown them, day in and day out, what they have to lose."