MSNBC’s Morning Joe rips police culture that prevents cops from telling fellow officers to stop kneeling on man’s neck
Joe Scarborough and Minneapolis police officer (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped the police culture that prevents officers from speaking up to prevent the slow killing of an unarmed man during an arrest.

A Minneapolis police officer kneeled on 46-year-old George Floyd's neck for nine minutes while three fellow officers stood by and watched, and the "Morning Joe" host said they should all be in jail facing charges.

"I think the police officer whose knee was on George Floyd's neck, killing him, obviously was beyond horrifying," Scarborough said. "I'm also horrified by the fact that three other police officers stared at this happening, let him do it, which we can see from the other video -- let him do it. Not one of them during the nine minutes tapped him on the shoulder and said, 'Hey, back off. Hey, let's let him up.' Not one of them."

"That's not just one officer out of line," he added. "That's a real problem with culture in the police department, that is a problem with leadership in the police department, that there was not one good man there, one decent man to say, 'Hey, this is wrong, let's put the cuffs on him. Let's put him in the car, let's take it to the to the station.' That's a real problem with a culture in that police department, it needs to be spoken to."