'People are scared': White House in disarray as members of Trump's inner circle exposed to COVID-19
Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump AFP

Reporting on CNN's "New Day" early Sunday morning, White House correspondent Kristin Holmes said administration staffers are working scared now that higher-ups in Donald Trump's administration have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Speaking with hosts Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul, Homes stated that the news that CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, Dr. Anthony Fauci and FDA Director Stephen Hahn have all gone into one form of quarantine or another after two White House staffers tested positive for the coronavirus has rocked staffers who are still coming in everyday during the health crisis.

"This is clearly not the narrative that the White House wants to have right now," Holmes began. "Remember just last week, President Trump broke his self-isolation and went to Arizona. That trip was meant to really signal that the country was ready to reopen; we've seen states slowly working to reopen their different businesses. We know people are going back to work and that's what the White House wanted to be talking about."

"Now the narrative is completely different, it is people are scared, and it's in the place where it's essentially the safest place in the country arguably," she continued. "People are still getting sick here. What does that say? And what does it say if three of the top doctors on the front line fighting this virus are now quarantining themselves for 14 days?"

"Why? Because they came into contact with someone who tested positive. Where? Here at the White House," she explained. "So, it's clearly a shift in narrative, what we are talking about. Will anything actually change? That's the big question now. Well, on Friday, after the vice president's press secretary tested positive, a memo went out to all staffers, essentially said that they were taking stronger measures to protect them, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. That meant heightened cleaning in high touch-point places. It also meant at some points they would be maintaining maximum staff teleworking. One thing that wasn't mentioned, though, was masks."

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