Prosecutor quitting Flynn case is a 'blinking WARNING sign' and 'full collapse of an apolitical DOJ': legal experts warn
Donald Trump and Mike Flynn (

Legal experts and scholars took to Twitter in the wake of the Justice Department announcing that it would no longer seek charges against former Director of National Intelligence Michael Flynn. Prior to the announcement, prosecutor Brandon Van Grack resigned from the case, something that was seen in the case of Roger Stone, where prosecutors, in that case, were superseded by a decision from Attorney General Bill Barr.

According to former DOJ staffer and law clerk to Justice Stephen Breyer, Joshua Geltzer, the resignation of Van Grack is a "bright red blinking WARNING sign."

"Brandon has as much integrity as anyone I know," tweeted Geltzer. "If he can’t take whatever drug deal is about to go down, we’re all about to see something rotten to its core. Remember: next DOJ filing due Monday. What will Barr’s DOJ say?"

You can see comments from other legal scholars and attorneys below: