Republicans at risk of a 'blowout' in November's election if they continue to let 'Trump be Trump': conservative

According to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, every day that Donald Trump is on camera talking about the coronavirus pandemic the odds of Republicans seeing any gains in the November elections -- to say nothing of holding onto the seats that they already have -- decreases.

As the conservative columnist wrote, "Rarely have polls painted as consistent a portrait of President Trump’s and Republicans’ standing: Terrible. In multiple polls, former vice president Joe Biden has a comfortable lead nationally, and a small but consistent lead in battleground states ranging from Pennsylvania to Michigan to Arizona (!) and North Carolina. Needless to say, if the numbers hold and Biden wins Arizona, this will be a blowout election."

With that in mind, Rubin noted polls that show that not only is the president floundering, but so are some key Republicans who normally shouldn't have to worry about being re-elected.

Writing, "Non-college-educated voters, who previously were a key part of his base, are falling away," Rubin added, "This does not mean Trump is a goner. It does not mean Biden is home free. It does mean there has been a considerable erosion in Trump’s support, making him look more vulnerable than at any time this year. One can cite a host of reasons why now, of all times, the dam, if not breaking, seems less impervious to current events than have past incidents: Over 60,000 Americans have died and the economy is in shambles. Trump’s constant presence and irrational, incoherent rants make him seem even less capable and sober."

Adding that Trump continues to "self-immolate," the conservative columnist points out that the president is taking his party down at the same time.

"Republican Senate Republicans’ polls are dreadful. An internal GOP poll from Georgia shows, “Voters are evenly split on Trump, but [Gov. Brian] Kemp’s disapproval rating (52%) outweigh [sic] his approval rating (43%). [Republican Sen. Kelly] Loeffler is deeper underwater after grappling with an uproar over her stock transactions during the pandemic, with an approval of 20% and disapproval of 47%," she wrote before emphasizing, "This is Georgia, folks."

"Trump could recover if, for example, there is no second wave of coronavirus cases, the deaths abate quickly, and states are getting back to work by Election Day. If you find that unlikely, you are in good company," she continued before explaining, "Even more damaging for Trump, he is unlikely to stop being Trump. He cannot give up his daily press fix (despite stories he was going to cut back), and we know he is not suddenly going to become the voice of reason and science. Trump will be Trump. And that’s the problem for him and Republicans."

For good measure, she added, "In a stunning failure of leadership and governance, Republicans have been entirely unable to comfort the country and provide confidence they have a path forward. They may finally have exhausted the voters’ patience."

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