Rick Wilson tells Morning Joe that Trump’s re-election doesn’t even matter to campaign manager Parscale
Joe Scarborough and Rick Wilson (MSNBC)

Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson said President Donald Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale doesn't seem to care whether he wins re-election.

Wilson, who helped create a new attack ad for the Lincoln Project against the president and his campaign manager, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that Parscale was running a con on Trump.

"Everything counts in large amounts, and Brad has had hundreds of millions of dollars to try to move Donald Trump's numbers," Wilson said. "He can't."

"This is like trying to sell bad dog food with good advertising," he added. "The food tastes bad, so dogs don't eat it. Donald Trump is an unpopular brand. Brad doesn't care, win or lose, what happens to Donald Trump. He is doing very well for himself."

Parscale was pocketing millions for himself and his companies, Wilson said, as Trump's poll numbers sank.

"We found out a couple days ago, not only is brad cashing in on the campaign and the money that hard-working Americans are sending to Donald Trump because they think he is going to use it to get re-elected, but Brad is getting [Paycheck Protection Program] payments for his companies. The struggling Parscale Enterprises who are raking in tens of millions of dollars from Donald Trump did not need additional millions of dollars from taxpayers, at least in my opinion."