Sean Hannity breaks with Trump and condemns armed lockdown protests: 'Show of force is dangerous'

President Donald Trump has defended the protesters in Michigan who demonstrated against the state stay-at-home order with semiautomatic rifles.

But one very unlikely person is disagreeing with him: Fox News' Sean Hannity, one of the network's most partisan Trump supporters and a commentator with a long history of coronavirus trutherism.

"In Michigan — I'm the number one supporter of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment," said Hannity on his Monday broadcast. "Now, no one is a bigger defender of the Second Amendment than yours truly. Everyone has the right to protest, protect themselves, and try to get the country open. This, with the militia look here and these long guns? Uhhh, no."

"Show of force is dangerous," Hannity continued. "That puts our police at risk. And by the way, your message will never be heard, whoever you people are. No one should be attempting to intimidate officials with a show of force. And God forbid something happens, they're going to go after all of us law-abiding Second Amendment people!"

Watch below: