Sen. Kelly Loeffler spending $4 million to convince Georgians she wasn't wrong to profit off of COVID-19

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is setting aside $4 million for advertisements to convince Georgia voters she was not wrong to allegedly profit off of the coronavirus pandemic.

Loeffler drew criticism last month when she "sold up to $3.1 million in stocks" after attending a coronavirus briefing that was exclusive to U.S. senators, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The paper reported on Monday that Loeffler is planning to spend $4 million on advertisements to push back against the criticism.

The ads reportedly accuse her opponents, including Republican Rep. Doug Collins (GA), of "liberal lies." They also claim that the senator has been “unfairly targeted all because she’s a strong conservative woman.”

“The liberals unfairly target President Trump every day," one ad says. "Just like they’re unfairly targeting conservative Kelly Loeffler. But they’re both standing strong.”

The ad goes on to brag that Loeffler used her "personal plane" to fly cruise ship passengers back to Georgia and that she "donated $1 million" to help hospitals fight the pandemic.

Watch two of the ads below.