'The dumbest conspiracy of all time': Veteran reporter blows up Trump's crazed 'Obamagate' ramblings
Donald Trump (Screen Capture)

President Donald Trump over the weekend launched a series of attacks on former President Barack Obama in an effort to cast him as the purported mastermind of a conspiracy to ensnare former national security adviser Mike Flynn into a perjury trap.

Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman, however, writes on Twitter that Trump's conspiratorial ramblings about Obama fall apart at the slightest scrutiny.

"Serious question for Trumpers: why would Obama 'SPY' on Trump campaign but not do anything with the info?" he asks rhetorically. "Put another way, why would Obama WH go to extreme lengths to break the law but not help Hillary win? That’s the dumbest conspiracy of all time."

In fact, the public had no knowledge that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign's multiple contacts with Russian agents during the 2016 election until after the election had ended.

In contrast, former FBI Director James Comey dealt Hillary Clinton's campaign a significant blow by publicly announcing the reopening of the investigation into her private email server just 10 days before the 2016 election, all while keeping the investigation into Trump a secret.