'This is what madness looks like': Internet stunned by Trump's overly-dramatic 'great and powerful Plague' tweet
US President Donald Trump, pictured at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on March 6, 2020, has been rebuked for his messaging on the outbreak (Photo: AFP/File / JIM WATSON)

Donald Trump attempted to wax poetic on Sunday morning, with a near biblical-sounding proclamation of "a great and mighty Plague" afflicting the country, leaving many wondering if he wrote it himself or farmed it out to one of his advisors who knows more words than him.

According to the president, "And then came a Plague, a great and powerful Plague, and the World was never to be the same again! But America rose from this death and destruction, always remembering its many lost souls, and the lost souls all over the World, and became greater than ever before!"

As former White Press Secretary Joe Lockhart wrote: "Who's writing these for you now...a third grader?"

He was not the only one baffled by Trump's bizarre -- even for him -- pronouncement.

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