Trump is the ‘greatest troll in the history of the internet’ and Twitter needs to ‘pull the plug’: NYT columnist
President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve Party (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump would face an existential crisis if Twitter were to enforce its own rules and hold him accountable -- and one New York Times columnist wants to see it happen.

"C’mon, @Jack. You can do it," Maureen Dowd wrote, referring to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey with his username on the platform.

She urged Dorsey to "just pull the plug on him."

"You could answer the existential question of whether @realDonaldTrump even exists if he doesn’t exist on Twitter. I tweet, therefore I am. Dorsey meets Descartes," she explained. "All it would take is one sweet click to force the greatest troll in the history of the internet to meet his maker."

She then fantasized about how it could play out.

"Maybe he just disappears in an orange cloud of smoke, screaming, 'I’m melllllllting,'" she wrote. "C’mon, Jack. Make @realDonaldTrump melt to help end our meltdown."

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