Trump officials scrambling to come up with a coronavirus plan that could help salvage his re-election: report
Donald Trump (Screen Shot)

On Saturday, Politico reported that President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is floundering in its efforts to craft a re-election strategy that can work in the coronavirus pandemic — particularly his planned efforts to woo communities of color.

"Almost a month ago, as the coronavirus exacted an outsized toll on vulnerable groups across America, President Donald Trump turned to an under-the-radar White House council to quickly determine how the federal government 'can best support minority and distressed communities," wrote Gabby Orr. "Little has come of it. The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, repurposed by Trump on April 22 to confront the pandemic’s disproportionate damage to communities of color, is still assembling proposals to reduce racial health disparities that have been magnified by the coronavirus outbreak, according to four people familiar with the planning."

"The delay in tackling the disproportionate mortality and infection rates and financial strain in minority communities — some of the most severe of the coronavirus crisis — underscores the challenge administration officials face as they grapple with a dire public health crisis," continued the report.

"The dearth of information about the federal government’s plans to correct failures that have exacerbated the pandemic’s impact on communities of color has not stopped the president — or his campaign — from using the topic to forge ahead in their pursuit of black and Latino supporters," said the report, noting that the president is continuing to trumpet his efforts on "underserved communities." "Nevertheless, minority voters have continued to give the president low marks for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed more than 80,000 American lives since February."

"One campaign official said that in order to survive the November contest, Trump needs to eat into the overwhelming support his likely challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, enjoys among African Americans, while also strengthening his appeal among non-college educated whites," said the report. "The problem is, Trump’s singular strength with non-white voters — his handling of the U.S. economy — has disappeared as a reliable talking point in the coronavirus era. From campaign rallies in minority communities to speeches in front of conservative black audiences, the president’s most common refrain has been about low unemployment and steady wage growth, two relics of a pre-coronavirus economy."

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