Trump: People who passed away while using hydroxychloroquine ‘were ready to die’
Donald Trump, official White House photo by Tia Dufour

In a meeting on Tuesday, President Donald Trump strongly defended his decision to take hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic against coronavirus, despite any scientific evidence — and claimed the people who died while taking it were going to die anyway.

Many "great studies" back up the use of hydroxychloroquine, said Trump. He contrasted this with the "phony VA study" that cast doubt on its use.

In fact, there are multiple large studies revealing hydroxychloroquine is worthless for treating infected patients, although a study into whether it can be used prophylactically, as Trump is doing, is ongoing. And as Trump's own VA secretary quickly pointed out, the VA didn't actually study anything — what he is referring to is a meta-analysis of cases within the VA system.

Trump went on to add that hydroxychloroquine is "used by thousands and thosuands of front-line workers" and that "it doesn't harm you." As for the people who died of heart complications after taking it, Trump said, they "were ready to die" anyway.