Trump quickly gets debunked after he attacks Obama for making F-35s ‘all over the world’

During an interview with Fox Business this week, President Trump was asked about what he's going to do to bring the supply chain back to America. In response, he went into a rant about the F-35 fighter jet.

"I could tell you hundreds of stories of the stupidity that I've seen," Trump said. "As an example, we make a fighter jet. It's a certain fighter jet. I won't tell you which, but it happens to be the F-35, okay? ... And we make parts for this jet all over the world -- we make them in Turkey, we make them here, we make them there -- because President Obama and others -- I'm not just blaming him -- thought it was a wonderful thing."

But according to air war reporter Valerie Insinna, Trump's claim that the F-35 is made "all over the world" is bending the truth at best.

"By the time President Obama had stepped into office in 2008, the supply chain for the F-35 would have pretty much been struck in stone," she tweeted this Thursday. "Its first flight was in 2006, but many suppliers would have been lined up before the contract was awarded in 2001."

"The F-35's supply chain is always in flux, and that's part of the overall vision for the aircraft," she added. "The joint strike fighter was created not just for the US military, but for US allies and partners, who helped pay for the development of the aircraft in return for industrial work."

Read her thread below: