Trump superfan shows symptoms of COVID-19 after getting kicked out of grocery for refusing to wear mask
Genevieve Peters (Facebook)

One of President Donald Trump's supporters who gained viral infamy for refusing to wear a mask at Trader Joe's now fears she has the coronavirus.

Genevieve Peters last week was asked to leave the California grocery, and employees called police, after she pulled a borrowed mask down below her chin, and Thursday she revealed on her Facebook page that she was experiencing some symptoms of coronavirus infection.

"Yesterday I let you guys know that I had a sore throat and it was feeling like it was going into my lymph nodes," Peters said, "and the reason I posted it is because I knew I had zero fear that I will be a statistic on the COVID-19. I'm not saying I might not get it, I might get it. I mean, anyone could get it, right? I mean, it's like the flu. I mean, I've had the flu many times in my life, but I've survived it."

"The reason I put it out there is to show, if you start feeling symptoms -- there was zero panic," she added. "Zero panic. Why? Because I'm healthy. Healthy people can get sick, they can have a little bit of a cold or a little bit of a sore throat, and it doesn't mean the end. But here's what could happen: When you feel a little bit of a sickness and you panic, your body will respond to the additional stress."

Stress can weaken the immune system, Peters said, and she then listed some natural remedies -- such as vitamin C, apple cider vinegar and oregano oil -- that she's planning to take to boost her immune system to fight a possible COVID-19 infection.

"When I was feeling a little bit sick yesterday," Peters said, "I knew all I had to do was boost my immune system."