Trump targets Susan Collins in tweet-storm demanding she change whistleblower laws after Dr. Bright's complaint
(Photos: AFP and Screen capture)

President Donald Trump went off on a tweet-storm Sunday after seeing an interview with Dr. Rick Bright, who worked under the Health and Human Services Department, on "60 Minutes."

Dr. Bright appeared before Congress this week to testify that he was pressured to push the drug hydroxychloroquine before it had been adequately tested on the coronavirus. None of the drugs had his support until they went through official testing and the president was furious.

When he filed a whistleblower report the White House pounced. They're now attacking him saying that he won't show up to work after they fired him. Secretary Alex Azar said that the government is trying to find a vaccine for the coronavirus and Dr. Bright needs to do his job. He didn't clarify why they fired Dr. Bright if they believed he was so important to the cause.

Trump suggested that Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) look into the whistleblower laws and change them. Collins is the hardest race of her political career in a state that has a very low approval rating of Trump.

You can see Trump's tweets below: