Trump’s GOP meeting goes off the rails as he rants about a fish and his lawn in Los Angeles

During his GOP luncheon this Friday, President Trump veered into sometimes confusing rant about water and fish after hearing remarks from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) about California essential workers.

Trump talked about a past conversation with Nunes where he apparently was told that California sends "millions of gallons of water out to the ocean" to protect a species of fish called the Delta Smelt, "that's not doing well -- it's getting no water."

Nunes seemingly tried to veer the discussion back to the essential workers of his district, but Trump was still fixated on water.

"With the water, though -- I said, 'So, what has to happen?' Well, you need approvals from Congress, from this, from that -- you need all sorts of approvals but you need it from Congress more importantly than anything ..."

Trump went on to talk about a house in Los Angeles he used to own, complaining that state regulations prevented him from watering the grass frequently.