WATCH: NYC cop filmed pulling down Black protester’s mask so he can pepper spray him in the face
Twitter screenshot via @AJRupchandani

In a video posted to Twitter by Anju J. Rupchandani, a man she claimed was her nephew had his protective COVID-19 mask pulled down by a New York City police officer so that he could spray him in the face at close range with pepper spray.

In the video, the  young man can be seen with his hands in the air and making no move towards the white officer who suddenly reaches out to yank down the mask and blast him with the noxious spray.

As Rupchandani wrote, "I am heartbroken and disgusted to see one of my family members a young black man w/his hands up peacefully protesting and an NYPD officer pulls down his mask and pepper sprays him.

You can see the video below: