Watching Trump read from teleprompter is like a 'parallel universe' compared to his crazy tweets: CNN's John King

President Donald Trump on Monday delivered a somber Memorial Day address -- and CNN host John King remarked about how strange it was to see him acting presidential.

Even though the president spent the weekend launching angry attacks on his political foes that included a baseless accusation of murder against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, he stuck entirely to reading from the teleprompter during his Memorial Day speech, which included stirring stories of courage about members of America's armed forces.

"Very solemn remarks from the president, paying tribute to the fallen and their families," King remarked after the speech had concluded. "Also touching on the coronavirus threat, saying we're in a battle against an invisible enemy."

The CNN host then said that it was jarring watching Trump behave after his weekend of crazed conspiracy theory tweets.

"The president sticking to the teleprompter there, you can see a bit of a parallel universe," he said. "If you watch the president at these official events and then take a look at his Twitter feed, you see two very different tones. This one here: Solemn, fitting. The other one, let's say, not so much: Full of hate and spite and grievances."

Watch the video below.