‘We have them outnumbered’: Morning Joe explains why Trump’s ‘vile’ tweets don’t work on most people
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough explained why most Americans could not be dragged down to President Donald Trump's level, hurling angry attacks and ignoring scientific advice.

The "Morning Joe" host said the president's refusal to wear a mask and his murder allegations against him would fall flat with most Americans, because they didn't spend all day stoking their own anger on social media.

"Most Americans don't live in the gutters of Twitter," Scarborough said. "Most Americans don't live posting hateful things about people on Facebook. They talk about their loved ones, they talk about their faith in God, they talk about their children, their grandchildren. We have them outnumbered."

"That old Paul McCartney quote that he probably doesn't remember saying, but it stuck with me 30 years ago when they asked Paul why he was such an optimist," he added. "He sed says, 'You know what? I think we've got them outnumbered.' Everywhere I go I look around and see good people. That's what I see in this pandemic. I see good Americans who want to take care of their families, who want to act responsibly, who shelter in place even when politicians were bumbling around making political calculations."

Scarborough said the president's repeated murder accusations were just a distraction from his failures of leadership.

"He wants to distract you, he wants to distract the press, he wants to distract everybody from the fact that the United States of America is moving up to 100,000 dead Americans from a pandemic that he said was hyped up as a hoax by the media to bring him down, and predicted time and again that nobody would die, that it was 15 cases would be down zero," Scarborough said.

"He doesn't want anyone to remember what he's said, so his charges become more vile, they've become more cruel, they've become more callous, and he only wants one thing to happen, he wants you to take your eye off the ball," Scarborough added, "and it's the responsibility of all Americans to stay focused, to understand where we are in the middle of this pandemic, and to act responsibly and not listen to the president but listen to the president's doctors, listen to the president's health officials. Listen to Dr. Fauci, listen to Dr. Birx, wear masks, take care of senior citizens, take care of people with underlying conditions, and be responsible. Follow science, not hate."