White House press secretary defends Trump decision to forego mask while meeting with elderly WWII vets

The White House press secretary defended President Donald Trump's decision to forgo wearing a face mask while interacting with elderly World War II veterans after his personal valet tested positive for the coronavirus.

The president marked the 75th anniversary of V-E Day with a group of veterans in their 90s, despite his valet's positive test and a positive test by one f Vice President Mike Pence's aides -- and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany justified his action.

"This president is regularly tested," she said. "This president will make the decision as to whether to wear a mask or not. I can tell you those veterans are protected."

She then shifted the responsibility to the veterans themselves.

"I can tell you that those veterans are protected," McEnany said. "They made the choice to come here because they've chosen to put their nation first. They wanted to be with their commander-in-chief on this momentous day, and it was their choice to come here, and I can tell you that the president always puts the safety of our veterans first and of the American people first."