'Who are you sacrificing?' The View's Whoopi Goldberg corners Chris Christie for urging Americans to accept COVID-19 deaths
Chris Christie and Whoopi Goldberg (ABC)

"The View" moderator Whoopi Goldberg immediately jumped on Chris Christie, and her co-hosts kept piling on.

The former New Jersey governor, now an ABC News analyst, appeared on the daytime talk show to discuss his remarks last week asking Americans to accept mass deaths to boost the economy.

"You upset a lot of people saying the country needs to re-open because people are going to die no matter what," Goldberg began. "You compared it to World War II, calling it a sacrifice for the American way of life. I'm asking, since you're suggesting that I sacrifice, who are you sacrificing? Who are you going to give up in your family?"

Christie tried to defend himself.

"It's a choice, that's what people don't understand what was said," Christie said. "We have 36.5 million people unemployed. We have in seven different states now the suicide rate going up."

Goldberg asked him again.

"Who are you willing to sacrifice to die, Chris?" she said. "You're saying people should be willing to sacrifice family. Who are you willing to give up?"

Christie insisted that's not what he said, and said people were already suffering.

"Listen, I said some Americans will make that sacrifice no matter what we do," he said. "Now we have to decide how we're going to balance this. The balance is that there are people who are standing on food bank lines, people who are losing their homes, people who are losing their livelihood which is leading to depression, which is leading to suicide, which is leading to addiction, which is leading to domestic violence. I saw all these things after Hurricane Sandy when people lost their homes and their livelihoods. These things happen. I said we have to balance."