Alan Dershowitz brutally mocked for claiming he brought his family to Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedophile Island'
Alan Dershowitz on Fox News/Screenshot

Trump-defending attorney Alan Dershowitz on Monday night drew hackles from around the internet when he tried to defend himself against charges that he had traveled to the infamous island where deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein allegedly brought underage sex-trafficking victims.

In a tweet that seemingly came out of nowhere, Dershowitz accused someone of lying about him traveling to the Little Saint James island where Epstein and his friends allegedly abused untold numbers of underage girls.

"My wife and daughter were with me the one time I flew to the island, years before Guiffre met Epstein and years before he was suspected of wrongdoing," Dershowitz wrote. "Show me a flight log that has me going to island without my wife. You can’t because there isn’t any. I never went to the island without my wife and I can prove it. So stop lying."

Dershowitz's claim that he brought his family with him on a trip to what has been dubbed "Pedophile Island" wasn't quite the strong defense he believed it to be, however, and he was quickly inundated with ridicule.

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